2019 - 2020 Braves Blog

Shikellamy Summer Math Camp                                                                                                                        August 12, 2019
Over 100 students from Shikellamy and surrounding schools participated in a math camp.  The theme of this year's camp was "Let's Go Camping".  The camp provided activities in math and science for students in grades K - 4.  Pictured below are many of the students having fun learning how the subjects of math and science are related. 
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Kindergarten Orientation                                                                                                                          August 22, 2019
Welcome class of 2023!  Oaklyn kindergarten teachers recently welcomed incoming students and parents during an open house.  Teachers explain classroom expectations and answered questions of parents.  The students met their teachers and saw their classroom and classmates for the first time.  The students were also taken on a bus ride where they talked about bus safety rules.  The Oaklyn PTA and community organizations, such as the Boys Scouts were available inform parents of activities and ways that they can become involved.




Scavenger Hunt                                                                                                                                                September 3, 2019
Students in Ms. Brown's second grade class went on a scavenger hunt this week.  The class searched for clues throughout the building.  While on the hunt, the students visited important areas of the school.  After finding clue in areas such as the main office, nurse's office and cafeteria the student used their skills to uncover a hidden welcome back to school message.

 Friday Funday!                                                                                                                                September 6, 2019
Students in Mrs. Leavens' class had their first Friday cooking lesson this past week.  Students follow a recipe and measure ingredients to make a tasty snack.  This week students made Back To School Smores from peanut butter, chocolate chips, fluff and graham crackers.  Pictured below are students enjoying their creation!


Is It Living or Nonliving?                                                                                                                          September 6, 2019  
Mrs. Phillips' second grade class recently learned about living and nonliving things.  The students walked around the school campus searching for evidence of living things.  They collected leaves, acorns, feathers and concluded that these things are classified as living.  Some of the nonliving things the students collected included rocks and sticks.

Eagle Scout Project                                                                                                                                         September 9, 2019
Liam Boyer, son of 4th grade teacher Frank Boyer recently completed his Eagle Scout project at Oaklyn Elementary School.  Liam constructed two "Buddy Benches" that have been placed on our playground.  He also constructed raised planting boxes and a work cart.  Mrs. Leavens plans to use the planters to grow flowers and vegetables with the students in the Life Skills class.


"Second" Activities                                                                                                                                    September 5,2019
Students in Mrs. Zeigler's second grade class celebrated their second day of second grade with a creative writing activity.  Students were asked to draw a shark by starting with the number two.  Pictured below are the students creations.

Most Popular Skittle!                                                                                                                                September 13, 2019
Students in Ms. Troutman's class put their knowledge of the scientific method to the test.  After learning about the steps of the scientific method, the students set out to determine the most common color in a Skittles packet.  Working together the students formed a hypothesis, collected data and formed a conclusion.  The most popular Skittle color was found to be yellow with red coming in second.  The best part was getting to eat the Skittles at the end of the activity!

Constitution Day                                                                                                                                      September 16, 2019
First grade students in Mrs. DePhillips' class celebrated Constitution Day earlier this week.  The students learned that the Constitution is a set of rules created by the government.  They also learned about the three branches of the government that is set up to be sure that the rules are followed fairly.  The students decorated a pretzel to represent the three branches.

Second Grade Swimming Lessons                                                                                                                  September 19, 2019
Second grade students across the district are participating in swim lessons at the Sunbury YMCA.  The program, sponsored by the Spreading Antlers, provides 8 lessons to include both dry and pool activities.  The Spreading Antlers also provides each student with a swim bag and towel.  Pictured below are students from Mrs. Phillips' class during their first lesson.

Feeling Wheels                                                                                                                                               September 23, 2019
School counselor, Mr. Hoffman visits each classroom several times throughout the school year, presenting social and emotional lessons to students.  In a recent lesson with first grade, Mr. Hoffman discussed the importance of recognizing and expressing one's feelings.  The students created "Feeling Wheels" which displayed many feelings the students may experience.

Mad Scientists                                                                                                                                            October 3, 2019
Mrs. Landau's 5th grade art students became mad scientists, creating their own predator or prey animals in conjunction with science class.  The students cut out and re-assembled body parts of different animals.  They also created names and habitats for their new creature.


Stop & Think                                                                                                                                           October 3, 2019
Mrs. Phillips' second grade class worked on "Stop and Think" during our "Too Good For Drugs" lesson. Kids were encouraged to stop and think about the consequences of the choices they make. Some have good consequences and some have bad consequences. We sang a song and made motions to go with it! The kids played a "Stop and Think" game with a friend. Each player would read the question on the card..such as "You are alone and your head hurts. Stop and think. Should you take a pill? Yes/No" The children answered each question and moved the appropriate spaces for the Yes/No response. 


FIRE SAFETY WEEK                                                                                                                                 October 10, 2019
Several fire and emergency personnel from Sunbury and surrounding areas visited our school to discuss fire safety with our students.  The students watch a short video that stressed getting out of your home safely in the event of a fire.  The firemen stressed the importance of knowing two exits from your home and never returning back into the home to retrieve personal belongings or pets.  The students then ventured outside to get a close up look at fire and emergency vehicles.  The first responders explained the different tools used to bring down a fire or to help victims of automobile accidents.  Oaklyn thanks all of your local volunteer firefighters for helping us learn about fire safety.


HOW TO CARVE A PUMPKIN                                                                                                                           October 10, 2019
Second grade students in Mrs. Zeigler's class found a creative way to learn how to use sequencing in their writing. After carving a pumpkin, the students wrote an essay describing each step.  Students practiced using transition words such as first, then and last.

 Kindergarten STEM                                                                                                                                  October 11, 2019
On Friday, kindergarten students discussed that buildings are constructed with frames, just like our bodies are constructed with bones.

Following the discussion, students participated in a Stem challenge to see who could build the tallest tower out of Q-tips.  The students used problem solving skills and a lot of patience to complete this task!

Pictured is Jacob Grimm, working on his Q-tip tower construction.  Jacob's tower was tied for the tallest in our class, measuring 2 1/2 inches tall.

Brain Show                                                                                                                          October 15, 2019
Staff and students showed off their brains and dance moves at the annual Brain Show.  The PTA funded program, tests the students' knowledge on trivia questions.  Each team must also remember a variety of dance moves to pop songs in order to earn any points.  Pictured below are staff and students having a great time at this year's Brain Show.


Students Learn About Energy                                                                                            October 18, 2019
Second grade students learned about energy through a PP&L presentation.  Students learned about renewable and nonrenewable resources and ways to conserve energy.  The students also experienced how electricity is produced, by participating in a human conductor experiment.  Each student received a box of energy conservation items. such a UV light bulbs and stickers reminding to turn off lights.

Sink or Float                                                                                                                    October 17, 2019
Ms. Leavens' class has been studying all things pumpkin during the month of October. Today the class had to break up into small groups and do some pumpkin investigating. Each group had a different kind of pumpkin that they had to observe and record the pumpkin's size, height, color, and surface texture. Lastly they had to predict whether or not they believed it would sink or float in water. After all of their observations were recorded and reported back to the class, each group got to test their guesses as to whether the pumpkins would sink or float in a bowl of water. Each of the group's pumpkins floated in the bowls of water.