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D. Fasold

Our classroom is a busy place!
A typical day looks like this:
8:00-8:25  Free time *This is a favorite of the students! They can choose:  
     to build with blocks or Legos
                                          to draw, write or make creations with paper and cards
                                  to play board games-checkers, cards or dominos
                                                   to practice reading or spelling with our "Gram"

                8:30-11:15 Reading Spelling and Writing 
We do have morning snack around 10:00 each day.  
Students are asked to provide a snack for our class one time a month.

                        11:15-11:45  Recess and Lunch

                11:50-12:30  Writing  
                                       This is journal writing time.                                          
                12:30- 1:10 Math  
                   Your child will be using enVisions math 2.0.

                        1:15-1:55     Day 1 Library
                                  Day 2 Science/Social Studies
                                  Day 3 Gym Class
                                  Day 4 Computer lab-This year we will be
                                            using chrome books.
                                  Day 5 Art Class
                                  Day 6 Music Class

                2:10-2:30   Recess

                2:30-3:00   Finish up work
 listen to chapter book stories
 clean up and organize for dismissal.

                3:00           School ends