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                 Homework Log for Mrs. Fasold's Class
                               April 24th - 28th 

We are in need of tissues for our classroom!
If you can donate a box that would be terrific!

  Special Classes Homework  Snack

Today is the Book Fair
Parents are welcome to join us at 1:20.
Spelling- This week our words have oo. Your child will bring home a list of words and a homework paper. 

Kaci-For her birthday!
Music Practice

MathComplete the homework paper.  This new unit is a big one!  We will be learning to add 2 digit numbers.  This lesson introduces it by showing adding 1s and then comparing it to adding 10s  (The pictures are there to help)

Gym Class

Reading: Your child is bringing home our last reading book!  Please listen to your child read We Love Joan and Olivia.

Music Practice

Spelling:  Check your spelling practice test to see which words to review for our test tomorrow.
Math:  Complete the homework paper. *We are still adding 10 to a number. This lesson shows using a hundred chart to find the answers.  Your child is bringing home the hundred chart we use in class to help them.
 Jayden-For his birthday!
Art Class

We will take our spelling and reading
 tests today.

Mrs. Fasold