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We did our science lesson on surface tension lesson this week.
First we learned about surface tension and what it is...
Next we made tin foil boats...
 .  .   .  . 
Then we performed our experiment!
We predicted if our boat would float and how many pennies it would hold before the surface tension broke and the boat sank.

 .  .   .  

Spirit week was a lot of fun!


Read Across America Day was fun!
We enjoyed Green Eggs and Ham 
and reading to kindergarten friends!


Valentine's Day was a 'sweet' time!  
We gave cards to each other, enjoyed snacks and
made fun crafts!





We wrote our first letters to our 
Chief Shikellamy Pen Pals.


December Show and Tell
Wants and Needs

 .    .   .   .  

 .  .  .  .  

Our First Grade Thanksgiving Feast was a great day!   



Centers are our favorite!


Fire Prevention Pictures

                                         We like Computer Lab!