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What's Going On...

I encourage you to look at your child's reading test each Monday. 
Share what your child did well and where he or she made mistakes.
Question 6 is new for us.  
Your child must answer in written form
 instead of filling in 'bubbles'.

Now that we start our stories with an opening sentence
you should be seeing good improvement in your 
child's writing! 
We work hard to remember 'the rules of writing' as well as creating sentences that make sense and are interesting to read.

This week I will introduce a closing sentence.  
I explain that all you do is reword the opening sentence. For example:
My story is about my dog King.  Opening sentence
That's my story about my dog King.  Closing sentence

We will take a math test this week

If you feel frustrated with our math homework... 
 Try the Bounce Page App.  Watch this video to see how to use the app to help with Envisions homework.